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Comet - Wikipedia
The solid, core structure of a comet is known as the nucleus. Cometary nuclei are composed of an amalgamation of rock, dust, water ice, and frozen carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, and ammonia. As such, they are popularly described as "dirty snowballs" after Fred Whipple's model. However, some comets may have a higher dust content, leading them to be called "icy dirtballs".

Minnesota Comets AAU Boys & Girls Basketball Organization
The MN Comets AAU program would like to invite current and potential Comets players to participate in two days of open gym/skills and development before tryouts.

Home - Kansas City Comets
See The Action Live. Season Tickets Now Available. Buy Tickets - Let's dance – rock'n'swing!
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How Good are those Young-Earth Arguments: Hovind's 'Proofs'
1. The shrinking-sun argument contains two errors. The worst, by far, is the assumption that if the sun is shrinking today, then it has always been shrinking!. That's a little like watching the tide go out and concluding that the water level must have fallen at that rate since the earth began.

Neptune - Solar System
Neptune is the outermost planet of the gas giants. It has an equatorial diameter of 49500 km. If Neptune were hollow, it could contain nearly 60 Earths. Neptune orbits the Sun every 165 years.

Space Pictures - Hubble Images and Night Sky Photos
A collection of amazing space pictures featuring images from the Hubble telescope and time lapse photos of the night sky. Free wallpaper downloads.

Rosetta | rendezvous with a comet
mission. Rosetta launched in 2004 and arrived at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 6 August 2014. It is the first mission in history to rendezvous with a comet, escort it as it orbits the Sun, and deploy a lander to its surface.

How Asteroids and Comets Formed - Formation of the Solar ...
over time only if it was a solid object made up largely of ice. This forced astronomers to reevaluate how comets formed, since icy bodies could only have formed in certain regions of the early solar system.

Meteor Showers and their Parent Comets: Peter Jenniskens ...
Meteor Showers and their Parent Comets is a unique handbook for astronomers interested in observing meteor storms and outbursts. Spectacular displays of 'shooting stars' are created when the Earth's orbit crosses a meteoroid stream, as each meteoroid causes a bright light when it enters our atmosphere at high speed.




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  1. News | See a Passing Comet This Sunday  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  2. How to See Ghostly Green Comet 46P/Wirtanen Fly by Earth This Weekend
  3. Here’s How to See the Brightest Comet of 2018 This Weekend  Thrillist
  4. Comet 46P/Wirtanen is coming unusually close to Earth this weekend. Here’s how to watch.
  5. View full coverage on Google News

Comets begin to click | Local Sports  Danville Commercial News

FITHIAN — When a team begins to click in a key part of the season, it could lead to big things.

Comet 46P: How to Catch the Christmas Comet at Its Brightest This Week  Inverse

When comets are farther out in the solar system, they look like dirty snowballs, but as a comet gets closer to the sun, it creates the tail comets are known for.

The Small Comet 46P/Wirtanen Flies Close By Earth Next Month! Here's What to Expect.

As you read this, a small comet is on its way toward making a very close pass of Earth in mid-December — its best appearance over a period of four centuries.

Comets fall to Irish, Tigers  Waupaca County News

Freedom's Taylor Haase and Waupaca's Savannah Wehmeyer have their hands on the ball during Waupaca's home opener Dec. 13. Freedom, one of the ...

Christmas comet and meteor shower and light up the sky

Christmas has come early for budding astronomers, with not one but two space spectacles lighting up the skies. The Christmas Comet appeared near the Taurus ...

It's one of the best weeks to watch for meteors and comets  Virginian-Pilot

Comets and meteor showers will please sky watchers through the beginning of next week.

Auburn professor using Hubble to view comet  WSFA

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Seven million miles might sound like a far distance but according to researchers, when it comes to comets, that's pretty close. “It's only 30 ...

Comets Catch the Eye of UA Planetary Scientists  Arizona Public Media

Earthbound astronomers are watching a group of unusual comets traveling through the solar system. University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab professor ...

Longtime Comets football coach Fred Palmore dies | Prep Sports

Halifax County has lost one of the most successful coaches in the history of the Halifax County High School sports program.

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